Advanced Dental Services

At Mt. Angel Dental, we offer Advanced Dental Services, including root canal treatment, Invisalign, treatment for periodontal disease, and tooth extraction. Patients, therefore, don’t have to go to another dentist for these advanced dental care services.

Root Canal Treatment.

Root canal (or endodontic) treatment is performed when the soft insides of your tooth become infected due to some form of deep decay. The tooth can also become inflamed or infected due to repeated dental procedures, faulty crowns, cracks or chips in the teeth, deep cavities, or issues from a previous filling. Root canal treatment eliminates the bacteria from the infected root canal, prevents reinfection of the tooth, and saves the natural tooth.

You may need a root canal if:

  • Your teeth are sensitive, particularly to hot and cold sensations
  • You have severe pain while chewing or biting
  • You have pimples on the gums
  • You have swollen or tender gums
  • You have deep decay or darkening of the gums
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Invisalign aligners are an orthodontic alternative to straighten teeth like braces but without the metal wires and brackets. They are less noticeable because they are clear, and patients can take them on and off for eating, brushing, and flossing. Invisalign aligners are made out of BPA-free plastic, making them more comfortable to wear than metal braces. They fit comfortably over your teeth and gently work to straighten your teeth over time. 

Your Invisalign Consultation

At Mt. Angel Dental, Dr. Weishoff offers patients Invisalign to straighten their teeth with custom-made aligner trays. During your consultation, she examines your teeth to determine the extent of correction needed. X-rays are taken, and a 3D model of your teeth is sent to the Invisalign laboratory, where your custom-made aligners are crafted.

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Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Treatment for periodontal disease can range from non-surgical to surgical to dental implants. While non-surgical treatment options aim to control bacterial growth, surgery aims to restore supportive tissues. Dental implants are an option for people who have lost one or more teeth due to periodontal disease and who prefer not to wear dentures.

Overall, periodontal treatments aim to:

  • Promote reattachment of healthy gums to teeth
  • Reduce swelling, depth of pockets, and risk of infection
  • Stop disease progression
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Tooth Extraction

Your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction if your tooth is broken or damaged by decay and cannot be saved. Tooth extraction, also known as exodontia, is the process of pulling a tooth from its socket in the bone. It is usually recommended as a last resort treatment if the damaged tooth cannot be fixed with a filling, crown, or other dental treatment. In extreme circumstances, a dentist may need to pull a tooth if a patient is experiencing tooth pain that worsens with chewing, swollen gums, or jaw pain. However, such instances are rare.

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Advanced Dentistry Services in Mt. Angel, Oregon

If you are interested in any of our Advanced Dentistry Services, give us a call at Mt. Angel Dental at (503) 845-2273, or you may request an appointment online.

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